Sliding Wardrobes

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Sliding-wardrobes provide a practical storage solution that can also be used as a room divider. The frames come in a range of colours with the most popular being white or silver. You can choose from a mirror or white glass panels. For bold designers, we can also supply a panel with a beautiful image of your choice. The image is installed digitally onto the glass and can create a theme or make a statement in your bedroom!

All our glass panels and mirrors are safety backed for added security, helping to make them strong and practical.

Choose Ocean Glass for Quality Sliding Doors and Repairs in Mandurah

We give you the best in sliding doors in Mandurah, be it for wardrobes, room dividers, or another interior door.

Sliding wardrobe doors are both beautiful and very convenient, allowing in delightful design opportunities and adding a novel flair to your home. Sliding wardrobe doors offer a space alternative, transforming your bedroom into a positive and contemporary environment.

Ocean Glass Handles any Problems with Glass Doors in Mandurah

It’s not always easy when it comes to sliding doors. Many things can go wrong, but fortunately, we know what we’re doing.

  • The glass in sliding doors could crack or break. Broken glass can cause unnecessary injuries. That is why we only use safety backed glass in all our sliding wardrobes. To repair the glass door, you must carefully remove the glass from the seal, clean up the broken pieces, and then install a replacement panel of glass. Ocean glass saves you the hassle of worrying about this risky and time-consuming process by providing you quality sliding door repairs in Mandurah.
  • Low-quality wheels on sliding glass doors cause many issues. Should the rollers be off-center, the whole door could slide off the track. Ocean glass provides you with top quality sliding doors in Mandurah, which means you’ll have good quality rollers that remain on the track.
  • Sliding glass doors can become stuck and difficult to move when their tracks are dirty. You will use a sliding glass door frequently – whether it’s an entrance to a room or wardrobe. Our knowledgeable glaziers can show you how to use your sliding glass door after they’ve installed it, and how to avoid the tracks getting dirty.

We give you the most beautiful sliding doors in Mandurah while saving you the costs and hassle of common issues. We also repair and renew cracked or broken glass doors, ensuring the safety of your home and your family.

What Sets Ocean Glass Apart Regarding Glass Doors in Mandurah

We give you personalised, quality sliding door service that sets us apart when it comes to sliding wardrobe doors in Mandurah.

  • We can make custom sized products for each job, enabling us to install a variety of wardrobe sliding doors for any home.
  • We work according to your schedule; always providing friendly and flexible service. Your time and personal needs will be our priority when it comes to installation, as well as sliding door repairs in Mandurah.
  • You have no limits when it comes to the design of the room because we can also supply a panel with a stunning image of your choice to make a personal statement.

Why trust Ocean Glass regarding Sliding Doors in Mandurah

We are passionate about glass, and with over 30 years ‘experience in the glass and window industry, we are uniquely qualified and trustworthy when it comes to sliding doors. Our skilled glaziers will instruct you on the best form of glass you should use for your specific project.

For unique wardrobe sliding doors, we are one of the most passionate and qualified. Contact us today for unsurpassed sliding door services.