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Pet Door
Dog Door

Isn’t it time you got around to having a pet door installed for your furry friend? For 10 years we have been helping pet owners make access for the smallest member of their family, allowing your dog or cat to come and go as they please. Imagine, no more getting up in the night to open the door, no more toilet accidents, and no more doors left ajar for your pet.

Our Qualified Glazier can cut a hole in the most standard glass and install a durable built to last pet door, even the most excitable pet would find it hard to damage these units, ensuring years of use from your new door.

Toughened Glass cannot be cut and as it will just shatter. As all glass in doors and directly next to a door has to be toughened glass it would have to be replaced with a custom-made pane to accommodate the new pet door. We recommend having the pet door in a window if possible, this way we can cut a hole on-site and install the pet flap on the same day.  This has the added benefit of saving over $200.