How Do You Get Grease Off A Glass Splashback?

In most kitchens, grease is an inevitable part of its daily use. This is particularly true for households with members who love oily delights like stir-fries and chips. The buildup of grease on a glass splashback doesn’t have to be difficult to clean, in fact, it is much easier to clean than traditional tiles and grout. So, how do you get grease off a glass splashback?  Below are 5 tips to help you with that:

1. Clean Splatters of Grease Immediately

Right after cooking, you should take care of the splatters of grease on your splashback. Leaving the grease to sit will make it sticky and more difficult to remove. Ensure you have a damp cloth on hand to wipe away the grease as you cook.

2. Use Non-abrasive Cleaner for stubborn marks

Metal-based scourers are not good for a glass splashback. Therefore, for stubborn marks use a small quantity of a non-abrasive cleaner, such as dish detergent, on a lint-free cloth and rub it gently over the splashback in a circular motion, then use a clean, damp cloth to wipe it off in a side to side motion.

Cleaning Glass splashback

3. Glass Cleaner to Shine Your Splashback?

Avoid commercial cleaners As they tend to smear. Instead remove grease streaks, with a clean cloth and a little soapy water then buff with a clean dry cloth to get the splashback to shine Keep a spray bottle filled with 20% white vinegar to 80% water. Spray and buff your clean glass, a paper towel is ideal for this and will work a treat to shine your glass.

4. Use an Extraction Fan

In spite of your best efforts, if cooking with a lot of butter and oil grease will get into the air. To keep the splashback looking new and shiny, an extractor fan should be used as you cook.  Ensure it has a good filter to trap grease. 

Extractor Fan to avoid greasing in kitchen

5. Use New Kitchen Gadgets to Reduce Grease Splatters

To lessen the time spent cleaning your glass splashback, think about investing in a few gadgets to minimize oil splatters.  If your family eats lots of fried chicken or French fries, consider purchasing an electric deep fryer and stop using a pot to fry those things.  If you make stir-fries a lot, buy a deep wok to better contain the grease.

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