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We offer a friendly service that is reliable and trustworthy. We service all areas of Mandurah and the Peel region and use only fully qualified glaziers. We are fully insured with police clearance. and offer free Quotes. So why not give us a call now? Contact us

One of our specialties is the installation of pet doors into glass windows or doors. These robust doors come in two sizes. The smallest has an opening of 24.5 cm and is suitable for cats and small dogs, the medium has an opening of 28.5cm suitable for beagles, poodles terriers, and similar size dogs. The doors have a four-way locking system and are fitted with a magnetic catch. More about Pet Doors

As winter approaches aren’t it time you get around to having a per door installed for your furry friend? Our Qualified Glazier can cut a hole in most glass and install a durable built to last pet door. Even the most excitable pet would find it hard to damage these units, ensuring years of use from your new door. Glazing Service

We also offer a full glazing and glass cutting service. In most instances, our tradesman can cut glass on-site making repairs to your window and doors on the same day. A different glass is used depending upon the size, the location, and the appropriate Australian Standard. Glass used in bathrooms is always A Grade Safety Glass, either Laminated or Toughened Glass. There are different thicknesses of glass, and our glazier will determine which glass is best for you. We can also supply mirrors cut to size and install them framed or unframed.
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What glass is best?

The glass used indoors must be an A grade Safety Glass conforming to the Australian Standard 2208. Either Laminated Safety which is simply two pieces of glass laminated together. or Toughened Safety Glass, glass baked at tremendous temperatures making it 4 to 5 times stronger.

While Toughened Glass offers more variety of patterns, Laminated Safety Glass can often be the best glass. In the event of a breakage, Toughened Glass will shatter while aminated Safety Glass will stay together.

Call Ocean Glass for Your Glass Repair or Replacement in Mandurah

Are you looking for a trusted glass repair company in Mandurah?

If you are interested in any Mandurah glass replacement, trust the professionals at Ocean Glass. With over 30 years of experience in the glass industry, we pride ourselves on meeting your glass replacement needs in Mandurah.

Ocean Glass Handles any Problems with Glass Doors in Mandurah

Many things can go wrong with sliding doors, but fortunately, we know what we’re doing.

  • The glass in sliding doors could crack or break. Broken glass can cause unnecessary injuries.  To repair the glass door, you must carefully remove the glass from the seal, clean up the broken pieces, and then install a replacement panel of glass. Ocean glass saves you the hassle of worrying about this risky and time-consuming process by providing you quality sliding door repairs in Mandurah.
  • Low-quality wheels on sliding glass doors cause many issues. Should the rollers be worn, the door could be hard to open. Ocean glass can service your sliding doors in Mandurah, which means you’ll have good quality rollers that remain on the track.

What Sets Ocean Glass Apart Regarding Glass Doors in Mandurah

We give you personalised, quality sliding door service that sets us apart when it comes to glazing and servicing doors in Mandurah.

  • We can make custom sized products for each job, enabling us to install a variety of windows and doors for any home.
  • We work according to your schedule; always providing friendly and flexible service. Your time and personal needs will be our priority when it comes to the installation or serving of doors in Mandurah.

Why trust Ocean Glass regarding Sliding Doors in Mandurah

We are passionate about glass, and with over 30 years ‘experience in the glass and window industry, we are uniquely qualified and trustworthy when it comes to sliding doors. Our skilled glaziers will instruct you on the best form of glass you should use for your specific project.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Glass Repair in Mandurah

  • Try to replace the glass without professional help: Trying to complete a glass repair in Mandurah is never advisable. Glass tends to be heavy, and if it slips while you’re carrying it there is an increased chance that you will be cut and injure yourself.
  • Using the wrong type of glass: Many people do not realise that a certain type of glass must be used depending on its purpose. For example, glass doors must conform to the Australian Standard 2208 and be A-grade Safety Glass. Our professionals are well-trained in these vital details.

Tips Regarding Mandurah Glass Repair

Keep these important tips in mind when it comes to our Mandurah glass replacement:

  • Don’t wait too long: If you notice a crack in a piece of glass, call us right away for a glass repair in Mandurah. Waiting too long to fix the glass could result in further damage, and could lead to the entire panel shattering. Shattered glass puts your entire family at risk for cuts or other injuries.
  • Quoting options: We know that your budget is important which is why we offer the option for a free quote before any work begins. This choice is perfect if you are interested in doing a home renovation project and need to crunch bottom-line figures.
  • Ask about customisation: Our team knows how important it is for you to put your unique touch on your home. Glass customisation can help you accomplish that goal during your glass replacement appointment in Mandurah. We provide custom glass for splashbacks in different colours as well as different glass types. Do you have a special request for a piece of glass? Wondering about the benefits of UPVC Double Glazing? Just ask and find out more about our options.

What You Stand to Lost if You Don’t Use Ocean Glass

The professionals at Ocean Glass are well-known in the area for our Mandurah glass repair. We work quickly and efficiently to repair your glass while answering any questions or concerns along the way.

To schedule a time for one of our technicians to come out for glass repair in Mandurah, please call us on 08 9510 9963 or click over to our contact page to find out more information or request a free quote.