Double Glazed Windows

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Ocean Glass UPVC double glazed windows and doors are some of the most durable, thermally and acoustically efficient windows in Australia. They are environmentally friendly, as they are 100% recyclable and in fact require far less energy to manufacture than standard aluminium windows. The material has a very low environmental impact and due to its superior thermal insulation qualities, will help achieve significant energy savings in your home or office and reduce your carbon footprint. The tropical UPVC formula ensures that our frames are extremely UV resistant, making them ideally suited to Australia’s harsh climate.

Our UPVC frames are better than aluminium frames and just as affordable.

  • Did you know that the typical aluminium frame used in Mandurah homes will generate 20% to 30% of additional heat into your house in summer?  Acting as huge radiators, generating unwanted summer heat and unwanted chills into your home in the winter.
  • UPVC frames do not absorb the summer heat or the cold winter air. In our climate, these frames are therefore the perfect product for double glazed windows and double glazed doors.
  • Our UPVC frames can withstand the harsh Australian climate, improving energy efficiency.  We are that confident in our double glazing system that we will give a 10-year warranty. That’s how sure we are that our frames have been tried and tested.

At Ocean glass in Mandurah our Double Glazed doors and windows will provide you with a superior product that is low in maintenance, and with a range of colours to complement your home or office. Not only will your home feel cool and inviting it will look great too.

The staff at Ocean Glass have been fitting UPVC Double Glazed windows for many years. We are happy to discuss this fantastic product and the many benefits.

Benefits of having UPVC Double glazing fitted by Ocean Glass:

  • UPVC Double Glazing helps insulate your home against the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter.
  • UPVC Double Glazing insulate against noise, helping to keep out as much as 80% of outside noise
  • They have the added benefit of looking fantastic and add value to your home.
  • They offer added security with secure locking systems.
  • They are internally Glazed so burglars can’t tamper and remove the glass.
  • They are maintenance-free. No need to paint or replace rubber gaskets.
  • Double Glazing can increase the value of your home.
  • Double Glazed windows and doors help achieve significant energy savings.

Why not Pop into our Mandurah based showroom to discuss your renovation projects with us.  We have a range of qualified tradesman who work with us who can help your project become reality.