What is a Double-Glazed Window and How It Works?

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What are Double-Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows have become standard for both replacement and new construction windows. A double-glazed window is a window that brings together two glass panes. These windows are energy-efficient and noise-minimizing. They are engineered in a way so that there is dead air space within the gap existing between the two panes.

Double glazing dual glass panes, plus the in-between buffer area, offer an improved barrier against external temperatures compared to single-paned windows. The closed air gap that exists between a couple of panes functions as an additional insulation layer. This extra thermal resistance decreases the heat that escapes during winter, thereby ensuring the temperature inside your home is comfortable.

During summer double glazing functions in reverse, mitigating unwelcome heat from entering the house. This additional insulation cuts down your dependence on air conditioners and artificial heaters and could ultimately bring down your energy expenses.

Double Glazed Doors
Double Glazed Doors with Venetian Blinds Between the Glass

Double Glazing Costs

Double-glazed windows’ costs depend on the window’s size, number, material, style, etc. The pane size is a major determinant of the cost as are the number of opening/ fixed panes. There are a few other factors which you should bear in mind when trying to estimate the cost of installing double-glazed windows.

uPVC is the most popular material used in double-glazed windows, primarily 30% more energy efficient than aluminium frames. The colour of the frame also has a say in the price. For instance, the white uPVC happens to be extremely economical compared to other colours like timber that would cost at least 10 percent more.

Similarly, the glass type – such as regular float glass and obscured or toughened units – would vary in their base prices. As far as window type goes, windows with multiple openers are more expensive compared to fixed windows. By the way, there isn’t any major price discrepancy between the different types of windows – sliding, tilt and turn, or awning.

Based on the aforementioned factors, you should have some idea about how the windows end up getting priced. Generally, everything gets based around the projected square meter (SQM) rate. The base price starts from $500 for every sqm.

While the price could seem on the higher side, the benefits that double-glazed windows offer in terms of long-term savings would certainly be significant.

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