Benefits of Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

What is a kitchen glass splashback?

Kitchen glass splashbacks are not the most traditional option, but they offer versatility that’s difficult to match. Instead of tiles, these splashbacks use a large piece of tempered glass affixed to kitchen walls.

It is sturdy and durable and can incorporate striking patterns. It comes in various colours with a high-gloss finish that’s easy to clean.

Benefits of a Kitchen Glass Splashback

A Tailor-Made Solution

We cut these for the size of your kitchen. You can choose a featured image that fits your kitchen designs perfectly and create them to fit the space.

Versatile Design Options

Do you want modern designs for your splashback or something more detailed?

  • Use the glass to accentuate the other colours and styles in the room
  • Use prints. You can take advantage of patterns and styles that create a stunning aesthetic.
  • Consider a mirrored design to maximise light reflection and make the room seem more spacious. 

Safe and Strong

The tempered glass used to create this is tough and scratch-resistant. It is almost impossible to shatter and won’t crack with regular use.

Easy to Clean

It is one continuous piece of glass, so cleaning is easy. There are no grooves for dirt to accumulate and no grout to discolour the framework. Nine times out of ten, all you need is a microfibre cloth and clean water.

A bit of warm water and vinegar will quickly remove grease marks. For more stubborn dirt, a regular detergent is fine.

Heat Resistant

These models can withstand a lot of heat. The colours won’t fade, flake off, or discolour over time.

A Low-Maintenance Option

Aside from wiping it down regularly, there is no maintenance, no repainting, repapering, or replacing of grouting.

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