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Benefits of Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

What is a kitchen glass splashback? Kitchen glass splashbacks are not the most traditional option, but they offer versatility that’s difficult to match. Instead of tiles, these splashbacks use a large piece of tempered glass affixed to kitchen walls. It is sturdy and durable and can incorporate striking patterns. It comes in various colours with … Read more


How Much Does it Cost to Install a Pet Door in The Glass?

We all love our little furry friends, we wish to provide them with nothing less than the best. These smallest members of the family deserve the freedom to roam freely indoors and outdoors. Pet doors are a great way to allow your pet to move inside or outside as they wish. It is possible to … Read more

Cleaning glass shower screen

How to Clean A Glass Shower Screen

Cleaning Shower Glass Getting your hazy shower glass back into its bright, pristine glory isn’t an easy task. Even hard water stains are notoriously tricky to rub off. Fortunately, you don’t always need harsh products to clean your glass shower screen. There are plenty of chemical-free home remedies to get the job done. Ways You … Read more

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How Do You Get Grease Off A Glass Splashback?

In most kitchens, grease is an inevitable part of its daily use. This is particularly true for households with members who love oily delights like stir-fries and chips. The buildup of grease on a glass splashback doesn’t have to be difficult to clean, in fact, it is much easier to clean than traditional tiles and … Read more

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Let Our Custom Splashbacks Brighten Up Your Mandurah Kitchen

We are your go-to for stunning kitchens in Mandurah with bespoke splashbacks. Our Mandurah kitchen splashbacks are easy to clean while looking trendy. You can personalise them with any colours or images, for anything from a boldly designed kitchen to one with a simple and elegant feel. The Importance of Easy Cleaning in Mandurah with … Read more

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We Have What It Takes When It Comes to Window Replacement and Repairs in Mandurah

We provide the quality service you want for window repairs in Mandurah. Your windows can get damaged or broken for many annoying reasons such as unexpected pressure or impact from outside objects; or even the weather. We’ll send you a friendly and professional window repairer in the Mandurah area who will assess the problem and … Read more