Splashback mixing up modern and traditional

Brighten up your home and make it more inviting with a durable and stylish Glass Splashback from Ocean Glass. Splashbacks are being used increasingly to replace traditional tiles in the kitchen, they are practical and easy to clean with no messy grout lines, and the beauty of coloured glass looks stunning.

We have a wide range of samples including solids colours, sparkles, and metallics that will compliment any design home. There is also the option to have any image digitally transfered to our splashbacks for a unique and individual look. Glass splashbacks installed in your kitchen Laundry Bathroom or Barbeque area help to create an ultimate sleek and modern design.

At our showroom in Mandurah, you can see dozens of colour samples as well as the high impact that an image on splashbacks can make. There is also the option of choosing from any Dulux colour you may like. These beautiful splashbacks can also be used in laundry’s, bathrooms and bbq areas.

For bold designers who want to make a statement, we are also able to put any image on the glass. The glass splashbacks in our display give an idea of the impact you can make with a vibrant image behind the glass. You can let your imagination run free and add a dramatic statement to your home.

Mirror splashbacks are a new range of reflective surfaces being used in kitchens, they are very much in vogue at the moment and feature in many home design TV programs. As with all our glass splashbacks, they come in heat resistant 6mm toughened glass.

Glass Splashbacks need to be measured exactly, so our attention to detail enables us to be correct every time, and for you to achieve a perfect result. We handle everything from measuring to installation. Contact Us for a free Quote


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