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One of our specialties is the installation of pet doors into glass windows or doors. These robust doors come in two sizes. The smallest has an opening of 24.5 cm and is suitable for cats and small dogs, the medium has an opening of 28.5cm  suitable for beagles, poodles terriers, and similar size dogs. The doors have a four-way locking system and are fitted with a magnetic catch.  More about Pet Doors

As winter approaches isn’t it time you get around to having a per door installed for your furry friend? Our Qualified Glazier can cut a hole in most glass and install a durable built to last pet door. Even the most excitable pet would find it hard to damage these units, ensuring years of use from your new door. Glazing Service

We also offer a full glazing and glass cutting service. In most instances, our tradesman can cut glass on site making repairs to your window and doors on the same day. A different glass is used depending upon the size, the location, and the appropriate Australian Standard. Glass used in bathrooms is always A Grade Safety Glass, either Laminated or Toughened Glass. There are different thicknesses of glass, and our glazier will determine which glass is best for you. We can also supply mirrors cut to size and install them framed or unframed.
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What glass is best?

Glass used in doors must be an A grade Safety Glass conforming to the Australian Standard 2208 . Either Laminated Safety which is simply two pieces of glass laminated together. or Toughened Safety Glass, glass baked at tremendous temperatures making it 4 to 5 times stronger.

While Toughened Glass offers more variety of patterns, Laminated Safety Glass can often be the best glass. In the event of a breakage, Toughened Glass will shatter while aminated Safety Glass will stay together.




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